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Laser removal of pigmentation

The removal of pigmentation
is provided by doctor-cosmetologist
of the clinic «Aura» Litvinenko L.A.

Tinge of our skin depends on the content of melanin. For several reasons, which include sun exposure, hormonal changes, and disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, in some areas of the skin takes place a manifold increase in melanin content. This leads to the appearance pigmented spots on the skin.

The most common reason why there are pigment spots, is aging. Older people often complain about the spots, because with age the body loses its ability to eliminate toxins through the intestines, kidneys, liver or lungs and detoxification occurs through the skin. If you have a spot on the face, treatment should begin immediately.

Around the world removing age pigment spots by laser is recognized the safest and most effective method.

In the clinic "Aura" for removal of pigmented spots we use an innovative development in the field of the laser technology - a diode laser "MeDioStar» by Company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany), which provides a safe, painless and maximum effectiveness of the procedure - laser removal of pigmentation.

The unique method of laser removal of pigmented spots can completely remove the spots of any color. The course of treatment of pigment spots ranges from 1 to 3 treatments with an interval of 3 - 4 weeks. Within 5 - 7 days a laser-treated surface of the peeled and spots disappear. During the procedure, the radiation is so selective, that destroys only cells with a high content of melanin.

The most rapidly by this method removes superficial pigment spots. Removal of lying in the deeper layers of skin pigmented lesions consisting of large clusters of melanin, may require more sessions. Lighten skin pigment in these cases occurs gradually - as the destruction of the melanin layer by layer from the procedure to procedure. In such cases, we recommend a course of surface peelings before laser treatment.

Benefits of method of laser removal of pigmentation
  • no risk of penetration infection into the body
  • on the place of removed pigment spots are no scars as well as no scars on the skin
  • procedure is painless, does not take much time
  • no required any restriction traditional way of life

Our recommendations to procedure of laser removal of pigment spots

Preparation to procedure
  • avoid direct sun rays 7-14 days before procedure, do not visit solarium
  • if there are hair in the zone of laser impact, it is necessary to shave them just before the procedure
Main contraindications to procedure
  • acute infectious diseases
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • inflammation in place of the procedure
  • pregnancy, lactation
  • hormone-dependent bronchial asthma
  • rheumatoid Arthritis
  • 3 stage of hypertension
  • diabetes mellitus
  • systemic connective tissue diseases
  • tendency to keloid scars
After procedure
  • avoid direct sun rays within 7-14 days after procedure, do not visit solarium
  • use a sunscreen with high protection factor
  • exclude in zone on laser impact the water procedures, and do not apply makeup, skin care products for 24 hours
  • visit your doctor on 7-10 day after the procedure

Of course, parsley mask and other folk remedies can help in some cases. Yet, treatment of pigment spots better to entrust a specialist. Fact that experienced doctors of Centre "Aura" will help you not only get rid of the investigation, but also on the cause.The result will be smooth, soft and healthy skin, which will admire you and people close to you.

Let your skin be perfect at any age!

Pigment removal

before after
before after
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