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Pressotherapy — mechanical lymphatic drainage, the impact on the lymphatic system with compressed air supplied through a special cuff. Lymphatic drainage effect of pressure therapy exceeds all other hardware and manual methods of figure correction.

Essence of the method of pressotherapy

During the procedure, the patient wear a special suit ( special long  boots for the leg, for the abdomen and thighs - a wide belt for hands - long gloves).Elastic cuffs attached to the apparatus with air line, have on the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscle, deep venous, and lymphatic vessels of the limbs mechanical effect produced by alternating high and low air pressure.The period of alternating of compression and vacuum ranges from 30 to 2 min. When reducing the pressure in the cuff takes place vasodilation, increased blood flow to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles.Active lymphatic drainage increases the deducing from an organism of excess fluid, toxins, restores moisture balance, improves venous circulation and activates metabolism in the skin, removes tissue hypoxia and the stagnation of interstitial fluid in subcutaneous adipose tissue - a major cause of cellulite.

Advantages of pressotherapy

  • procedure can be performed in patients who are contraindicated for electrical myostimulation, the impact of ultrasound or hand massage
  • the result of the procedure is comparable with the effect of strong diuretics, but it does not lead to dehydration
  • procedure is very comfortable, has a relaxing effect
  • the procedure perfectly combined with wrapping, mesotherapy, other hardware techniques of figure correction

Indications to pressotherapy

Procedure of pressotherapy
  • cellulitis
  • local fat deposits
  • overweight
  • edema of different origin
  • skin flabbiness
  • rehabilitation after surgery
  • heaviness in legs
  • muscle strain
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • skin flabbiness

Contraindications for pressotherapy

  • pregnancy (from 4-th month)
  • kidney failure
  • malignant tumors
  • damage of small and large blood vessels in diabetes mellitus
  • skin diseases
  • beginning of the menstrual cycle

Results of pressotherapy

  • disappearance of edema
  • improvement of blood circulation
  • decrease in body
  • reduction of cellulite
  • increase in skin elasticity

For optimal effect of pressotherapy to each individual patient  selected individual scheme of procedures.


Service Time (min)
Cost (UAH)
30 250
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