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You are disturbed by excess weight, cellulite, metabolism, skin flabby?
You just should be go through the procedure of wrapping in the centre "Aura"!

Procedure of wrapping

Wrapping — is a complex procedure, which incorporated a mechanism that influences not only on such a topical issue, as cellulite. The main purpose of wrapping - a one-time maximum reduction in body size. Processes that are started during the procedure, provide an opportunity to speed up the metabolic processes occurring in the subcutaneous fat, reduce the heat transfer from the surface of the skin and increase the penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin and hypodermis.  By the mechanism of effects wrapping can be cold, hot and isothermal, that is similar to the human body temperature. Procedures differ not in temperature or used mixtures but in direct effect they have on the body during the procedure. Wrapping also divided according to the method of application: general (whole body) and local (on separate parts: back, legs, etc.)

In the centre "Aura" wrapping use extremely medicinally, it enters into compositions of complex anti-cellulite programs.

In addition to procedure of wrapping the entire body of the patient, doctors-cosmetologists clinic "Aura" also offer local alginate masks for diferent problem areas of the body and also procedure of termo swaddling. Alginate local masks we use in case if there is no direct necessary to make full wrapping of the entire body of the patient.

Procedures done with following medicines: professional cosmetic «Janssen» (Germany), «STYX Naturcosmetic» (Austria).

Procedure of wrapping starts from peeling, which purpose is flaking-off died cells.Then applied extracts of micronized algae, mud, various gels on the basis of active substances on the problem areas of the body and can apply additional fat-burning, or reinforcing serum. Then the patient is wrapped in a blanket-film and leave to rest.

Procedure takes 90 minutes.

In order to achieve a certain result should be pass the course, consisting of 10 sessions.

In a powerful therapeutic effect, this procedure has a pleasant relaxing effect, and also displays the toxins, nourishes with vitamins and minerals.

Wrapping (Cosmetic Janssen (Germany))

Time (min)
Cost (UAH)
«Chocolate» has a great anti-stress effect and active lipolytic action, promotes modeling contours of the body. 90 350
«Seaweeds» has a terrific relaxing effect, promotes skin toning, body detoxification and eliminating the «orange peel». 90 450
«Spices» provides a great incentive effect, actively tightens and nourishes the skin, accelerates metabolism in adipose tissue. 90 350

Alginate Mask (Cosmetic Janssen (Germany))

Time (min)
Cost (UAH)
«Arctic» highly effective firming and lifting mask for problem areas 90 450
«Cinnamon» intensive mask for problem areas, accelerates metabolism in adipose tissue and possesses a strong lipolytic and firming effect 90 450

Thermo Swaddling (Cosmetic Styx Naturcosmetic (Austria)

Time (min)
Cost (UAH)
Thermo swaddling 90 600
Whisky swaddling STYX (locally) 90 650
Whisky swaddling STYX (totally) 90 800
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