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If you want to look younger and thinner, done cellulite treatment, and to correct weight without resorting to surgery, we suggest you take a course myostimulation procedures

Myostimulation — is effect on the organs and tissues of low-frequency pulsed current. Effects of pulse current leads to the physiological reduction of muscle fibers.Passive muscle contraction activates the blood circulation, improve lymph drainage from the intercellular space through the venous and lymphatic systems, bringing metabolic products (slag).

Myostimulation gives a good and quick cosmetic effect, promotes the active destruction and cleavage fat deposits in problem areas, figure correction, restoration of tissue structure, increases the tone of the lymph, blood vessels and muscles of the body, can treat cellulite, sagging skin, giving the figure of a harmonious form. The result is visible after the first procedure.

With myostimulation achieved:

  • аctivation of the circulation of body fluids (blood and lymph)
  • rehabilitation and development of elasticity and strength of muscle structures
  • tonification of flabby muscles
  • fat reduction acceleration
  • improvement in skin texture
  • relaxation the muscle structures
  • cellulite treatment
  • blocking of pain syndromes

How does the procedure?

Procedure of myostimulation

Going through the muscles, impulse currents cause them to shrink in the regime of high activity, as if someone, for example, is actively engaged in running and fitness. The myostimulation even has its pluses over conventional sports activities: it allows the development of these muscle groups to work on that with exercise is almost impossible because of their deep location.

The myostimulation is a beneficial effect on blood vessels: the destruction local fat cells deposited on the walls. The current increases metabolism and helps to normalize lymph flow, hence - reducing swelling, reducing the effect of "orange peel" (cellulitis) on the skin and removing toxins from the body.

The effect of myostimulation will be much better if along the way to visit also other procedures aimed at reducing weight and improving body tone: massage, wrapping, sauna, figure correction on the apparatus «Vela Shape» (USA), pressotherapy etc.

Recomendation for procedure of myostimulation

If you want to achieve good results in the fight against fatty deposits and cellulitis signs: as in the case of sports, two hours before and two hours after the procedure myostimulation should refrain from eating, then the body will burn not once again received "fuel" but the old stock, spoiling the shape.

Duration of procedure: 30 minutes.

Cost of procedure: 150 UAH.

Recommended course: 5 treatments.

There is enough one support procedure of micro-current therapy per month, to the effect lasted six months or more.


Name of procedure Time (min)
Cost (UAH)
Myostimulation 30 250
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