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Mesotherapy - special method of medical practice, which allows for rational pharmacotherapy and prevention of different pathological conditions. The popularity of mesotherapy is due to the possibility of pathogenetic approach to a variety of cosmetic problems, drug delivery not only in the target organ, and directly into the target tissue.

Mesotherapy has a number of invaluable advantages:

  • Physiology (non-toxic composition helps cleanse the body and improves the general condition)
  • Using the integrated effects of substances in a cocktail of compatible products
  • Duration of preserve the results obtained during the full course
  • Method has no age restrictions

For what we do Mesotherapy?

The effect of the multilateral effects of medicaments introduced to techniques and rules of mesotherapy is particularly evident in aesthetic medicine: after a mesotherapeutic session in order to rejuvenate the skin on the face is only a good introduction of technology will provide a brilliant result. The skin will be stretched, refreshed, pink. Intradermally, we introduce the medicine and the skin is a target organ. Full penetration into the target. For cutaneous application of biologically active substances only a few of them overcome epidermal barrier of the skin and the basement membrane. НNot for nothing to enhance the bioavailability of active ingredients used liposomal forms of drugs and cosmetics, they include special components - enhancer, or use additional methods to skin: iontophoresis, a variety of peelings, and others.

Invasive character of mesotherapy - a small price to pay for the delivery of active components. But whether the effect of long-term, will grow on the rise or disappear by the next morning not only depends on the virtuoso technique, but also on the choice of competent products to suit the individual patient.

Which aesthetic problems can be eliminated with Mesotherapy?

  • treatment of age-related changes of the skin
  • fading skin
  • cellulite, excess deposits
  • pigmented spots
  • scars, stretch marks
  • baldness and thinning hair
  • acne, scars
  • facial vasodilatation, vascular "spiders"
  • preparation before plastic surgery
  • complex rehabilitation after plastic surgery
  • rehabilitation after laser polishing

At present there is virtually no area of ??medicine that is not used to mesotherapy - because this method allows a comprehensive approach to a particular disease. Dermatology, otolaryngology, urology, gynecology, phthisiatry, stress, depression, venous insufficiency, frostbite, farsightedness, pain - a list expanding.

What is the result of the procedure? How long does it take effect after a course of mesotherapy?

Results of mesotherapy - unique!

These are: improving the complexion, "radiance of the skin", smoothing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, reducing the double chin, removing dark circles under the eyes, figure correction and cellulite removal, Dysport correction of facial wrinkles, "the injection of youth," returned ёутх without сургеры, correction of the oval face, cheeks and chin, and the increase plastic lips, the effect of "kissed lips", the removal of nasolacrimal groove, the correction of nasolabial folds.

The achieved result is always based on the improvement of health, because mesotherapy restores the physiological processes in problem areas, and it does not disappear instantly. Most often, a second course should be 6-18 months.

After a correct choice of pharmacological means of the second component of success during mesotherapy is adequate and well-executed technique of drugs introducing.

Our knowledge - your blooming appearance!


MedicationTime (min)Price (UAH)
«Hyaluform Mesolift М»
Recovery of skin hydro reserve, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant protection
60 min 500
«DMAE complex»
Restoring the density and tone of skin. Reducing the amount of free radicals in the skin
60 min 450
«Colelast complex»
Hydration, nutrition, increase of skin elasticity
60 min 300
Prevention of aging for young skin to 30 years
60 min 500
Prevention of skin aging after 35 years, with signs of photo-aging, hrono aging
60 min 800
NCTF 135
(France, laboratory «FilorgaFilorga»)
60 min 720
(France, laboratory «Filorga»)
60 min 810
(France, laboratory «Filorga»)
60 min 800
Recombinant epidermal growth factor
(Russia, «Novo Nexuя»)
60 min 1200
Dermaheal SB
(lighting, depigmentation) (South Korea,«Caregen»)
60 min 600
Dermaheal SR
(skin restructuring, rejuvenation)
60 min 600
Dermaheal HSR
(intensive rejuvenation)
60 min 700
Geralyn extra 60 min 600
Geralyn 60 min 400
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