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Mesotherapy of body

Mesotherapy of body — is injectional method that applies for weight correction, fight with cellulitis and local fat deposits. This method consists of introducion medical cocktail into the skin on deepth of 2, 3,  4, and 13 mm.  For mesotherapy cocktail for figure correction use lylolitics (substances that increase fat breakdown), cardiovascular drugs that increase microcirculation and lymph flow in the "problem areas", defibrizate medicine and also vitamins, components of the connective tissue for skin tightening, etc.

Mesotherapy is very effective for treatment:

  • localized fat deposits
  • cellulitis
  • stretch marks (striae)
  • sagging skin that occurs with weight loss

Complex of procedures and cocktail for mesotherapy for body are selected individually taking into account the characteristics of the patient's constitution, density and prevalence of fatty deposits, and comorbidities.

Result is visible after 3-4 procedures of mesotherapy, but to achieve a stable effect, doctors of centre "Aura" recommend 10-12 sessions of mesotherapy to a frequency of 1 per week.

Mesotherapy for body is most effective in the treatment of local (local) fat deposits, as intradermal introduction of drugs involves the creation of an active substance is a "problem zone" for prolonged action.

Entrust your body to doctors of the clinic "Aura"!

Stories of our success

PatientBefore therapyReceived treatmentAfter
Smirnova Taisia Alexeevna
lost 20 kg of weight
Mesotherapy with cocktails for reduce - 10 treatments
Katz Elena Vladimirovna
was born in 1973, lost 26 kg of weight for 3,5 months
Mesotherapy for body - 6 treatments
Balenko Eugenia Alexandrovna
was born in 1983, lost 25 kg of weight for 3 months
Mesotherapy for body - 6 treatments

Mesotherapy For Body

Time (min)
Price for one zone (UAH)
«Slim Body» - Coctail for cellulite treatment, activelly breaks down fats and has a strong lipolytic effect. 60 min 500
«MPH» - Useful to quickly reduce of fat deposits in body, normalizes blood and lymph flow, reduces tissue swelling. 60 min 500
«DMAE complex» - Provides skin lifting and deep hydration, stimulates collagen production, increases the skin density, smooths its relief. 60 min 600
LIPO STOP - For effective reduce the volume and silhouette thinning. Has a double effect: short-term - "burns fat", long term - eliminates its re-accumulation. 60 min 700
"Hyalrepair mesolift" - For correction signs of photo aging, antioxidant protection, restoration of the intracellular matrix, improving skin tone and elasticity. 60 min 580
Dermahel LL - With growth factors and peptides for figure modelling, reduces the amount of adipose tissue, removes the effect of "orange peel" and has powerful lifting effect. 60 min 950
«Colelast complex» - Increases turgor and elasticity of body skin. The medication can be use in complex therapy of striae and scars. 60 min 400
Adipo Forte - Dissolves the fat, reduces fat deposits localization, moisturizes, lifts and firms the skin. 60 min 680
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