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Facial Mask

The most reliable and universal means to preserve the beauty of the skin cosmetic mask. It is easily accessible and feasible procedure. Under the mask increased blood flow to the skin, improving its feeding, the horny layer swells, wrinkles are smoothed. After the mask face looks rejuvenated, fresh and pink. It is hard to imagine a more simple, convenient and at the same time extremely effective cosmetic procedure.

Masks are often prescribed in combination with massage, steam bath, contrast compress, with face cleaning and other treatments. Masks are used for the face, neck, arms.

Masks can provide not only local but also reflexive action on the entire body. Therefore, using the masks, consider its purpose, the compatibility of different components and observe the rules of their application.

Masks provide a solution to various problems:

  • lifting
  • smoothing of wrinkles
  • moisturizing
  • nutrition
  • preparation to the cleaning
  • anti-inflammatory and sedative care

1. Mask «Extreme-recovery»

Lifting creamy mask for a substantial strengthening of the skin with immediate effect. High-tech components of the mask in the microcapsules carried endodermal effect, restoring the collagen and elastin fibers. Silk proteins create a more protective film and make the skin velvety. Vitamins A, E and F specifically counteract the natural aging of the skin and restore the lipid barrier of the skin. The result - an elastic and smooth skin radiant with freshness.

Indications: aged skin.

2. Mask «Antistress»

Creamy mask, which is strictly balanced composition of plant components and biotechnological active agents provide high efficiency of this tool for the regeneration of the skin, removing the stimulus and the normalization of water balance. As a result, your skin is strengthened and resistant to environmental factors, has a homogeneous healthy tone. The mask is highly effective for removal of irritation, scaling, and other stressful skin conditions.

Indications: skin in violation of barrier functions, sensitive skin.

3. Mask «Microrelief»

Deeply cleans, has anti-inflammatory effect and heals microcracks and microtraumas of skin, tightens pores, moisturizes and helps regenerate skin cells, improves local immunity and pleasantly refreshes the skin.

Indications: problem skin, oily skin proned to seborrhea, irritated, or skin being in the stress.

4. Mask «Effect»

Gel mask of easy consistence to quickly restore the skin hydrobalance. The mask on the surface of the epidermis forms a lipophilic film, which gives the skin an even micro and shade, providing a facelift. The active ingredients help to consolidate the anti-aging effect.

Indications: dehydrated skin, the skin with signs of aging.

5. Mask-film "Sebum"

Mask for skin inclined to acne. It has a drying effect and tightens pores, reduces inflammation of the skin, neutralizes free radicals and smoothes the skin microrelief.

Indications: skin with acne, skin proned to only seborrhea.

Masks For Face

Name of procedure
Cost (UAH)
Skin type: sensitive skin with signs of aging
25 min 120
Skin type: sensitive skin with violation of barier functions
25 min 120
Skin type: Skin prone to age changes
25 min 120
Skin type: problem skin, prone to fat seborrhea
25 min 120
Skin type: prone to acne with inflammatory elements
25 min 120
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