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Laser cosmetology
Removal of tumors
Injection techniques
Facial cosmetology
Body cosmetology

Body massage

Massage is active as a therapeutic as well as prophylactic method, the essence of which is reduced to spray dose of mechanical stimulation on the naked patient's body exposed variety, methodically conducted by special techniques that are performed by hand or with a massage using special devices. This massage is primarily exposures are numerous nerve receptors are incorporated in the various layers of the skin and related periostalic and vegetative system.

Clinic «Aura» offers next types of massage:

  • overall massage – removes pressure of muscles, improves circulation throughout the body
  • sport massage – reduces discomfort in the muscles after physical activity, rehabilitation massage - regenerates after injury and surgery, including liposuction
  • relaxation massage – relaxes the muscles and nervous system, improves sleep and overall health
  • anti-cellulite massage – softens fibrous chorda, compressing fat cells, helps to eliminate the "orange" peel
  • lymphatic drainage massage – reduces swelling and congestion in the tissues
  • segmental - reflex massage - improves the function of internal organs and blood circulation in them
  • visceral massage - helps to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the pelvis, stimulates sexual functions of men and women, stabilizes blood pressure
  • manual therapy – eliminates the pathological manifestations in the spine, joints, muscle and ligaments

For cellulite treatment and fugure correction, specialists of clinic «Aura» reccomend a course of anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage.

Anti-cellulite massage (hardware and manual)

Procedure of anti-cellulite
massage on apparatus
Vela Shape


  • local obesity in combination with cellulite (assuming liquidation lymphostasis)


  • increases blood circulation and lymph flow
  • eliminates cellulite
  • stabilizes the metabolism
  • cleanses the body of toxins
  • correctives figur
  • improves elasticity, color and skin elasticity

For maximum effect, treatment course anti-cellulite massage is performed only after some preparatory steps, such as detoxification, and a few sessions of lymphatic drainage.

Manual anti-cellulite massage course carried out of 10 - 15 proceduresthat take place two times a week. During a manual anti-cellulite massage uses special massage creams, gels, essential oils. These tools are selected individually, they enhance the effects of massage, have a smoothing and softening effect on the skin, help eliminate excess fluid and reduce body fat.

Hardware anti-cellulite massage occurs on unique apparatus «VelaShape» by company SYNERON MEDICAL (USA). «Vela Shape» – is apparatus of innovative elos-technology for the treatment of cellulite, non-surgical removal of fat deposits and sagging skin. The apparatus «Vela Shape» effectively affects both the deep tissues of the body, resulting in significant weight loss and body shaping, and the upper layers of the skin, reducing cellulite significantlyт.

«Vela Shape» — is simple, unobtrusive, comfortable treatment without disturbing from everyday affairs.

The course consists of 4-6 procedures.

This method can be used as monotherapy for the treatment of cellulite, but the best results when included in the complex programs of weight correction and cellulite treatment.

Lymphatic drainage massage


  • releases cells from the products of metabolism and decay
  • activates the metabolism
  • accelerates the reduction of excess weight
  • accelerates the flow of lymphowing to what organs and tissues quickly get rid of the final decay products, toxins
  • removes excess interstitial fluid, as one of the causes of appearance of cellulite
  • removes swelling
  • restores the normal healthy structure of muscle tissue, subcutaneous tissue and improves skin condition

Lymphatic drainage massage is indicated when:

  • pronounced hydropic syndrome
  • varicose veins
  • overweight
  • figure correction
  • edematous form of cellulites, when disturbed lymph flow

Manual lymph drainage massage is very well combined with a variety of programs to detoxify the body, such as seaweed wrap, stone therapy or deep cleansing using a variety of mud.

The course consists of 10-12 sessions, 2-3 times a week, as an independent procedure, or 1-2 times a week in combination with other techniques.

With special massage techniques we can help you regain youth, beauty, elegance and smartness!

Segmentary - reflex massage

Segmentary - reflex massage - is one of the methods of influence on the reflex zones of the skin surface of the body. Under the influence of special massage techniques on the segments of the spinal cord there are so-called skin-visceral (internal) reflections that cause improvement of the internal organs and blood circulation in them. The mechanism of action of segmental - reflex massage is the stimulation of cutaneous receptors.

In time of massage its mechanical effects exposed not part of the body, but the area of ​​skin that are associated with certain segments of the spinal cord, and through them to the internal organs, innervated by these segments. Thus, with this type of massage you can get rid of many chronic diseases.

Abdominal massage of internals

Abdominal massage of internals - powerful preventive and therapeutic agent that prevents the emergence of various pathological processes and diseases of the internal organs. This unique method will help to normalize functioning of various organs and systems. Promotes elimination of stagnation in the pelvis, stimulates sexual functions of men and women, normalizes digestion, stabilizes blood pressure.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy - a system of hand techniques to the correction or elimination of pathological manifestations caused by changes in the spine, joints, muscle and ligaments.

Procedures of manual therapy is somewhat similar to massage, differing from it the limited localization of areas of strength and dosage effects. The peculiarity of this method is that it allows to solve many problems that others (even medication) - the means to cure is not possible.

Spinal manual therapy is aimed at improving the traffic volume of the intervertebral joints, as well as an increase in the elasticity of the muscle and ligaments. This result achieved through the soft hands of a specialist and the impact small muscular effort the patient. This may be an impact on the individual vertebrae, or the whole spine. If pain in the spine or restriction of mobility for you is not a rare phenomenon - it is necessary to ask for help to the chiropractor.


Time, min
Price, UAH
Classical spin female 40 220
Classical spin male 40 260
Classical neck and collar zone + feet massage 20 220
Classical lumbar - sacral zone + feet massage 20 220
Classical legs + abdomen 40 220
Classical overall for women (spin, arms, legs, abdomen) 90 400
Classical overall for men (spin, arms, legs, abdomen) 90 400
Anticellulite spin 40 240
Anticellulite legs + abdomen 40 240
Anticellulite overall (spin, arms, legs, abdomen) 90 400
Lymphatic drainage overall (spin, arms, legs, abdomen) 60 350
Honey spin 30 220
Honey legs+abdomen 30 220
Honey overall (spin, arms, legs, abdomen) 60 400
Massage Gua Sha (face) 60 250
Massage Gua Sha (spin) 60 350
Massage Gua Sha (face + spin + arms + legs) 240 800
Polynesian massage of feet 60 250

Anti Cellulite Massage Vela Shape (USA)

Hardware massage
Time (min)
Cost (UAH)
Special price (UAH)
Face (female)
25 340 -
Face (male)
30 390 -
Collar zone + chin (female)
20 230 -
Collar zone + chin (male)
25 340 -
Сervical-thoracic zone (female)
30 580 -
Cervical-thoracic zone (male)
35 650
Hands (female)
25 480 -
Hands (male)
30 580 -
Hands triceps (female)
15 300 -
Hands triceps (male)
20 350 -
Back (female)
40 700 -
Back (male) 45 1000 -
Lumbar zone (female) 30 580
Lumbar zone (male) 35 350 -
Waist (female) 30 390 -
Waist (male) 35 580 -
Abdomen (female) 35 700 -
Abdomen (male) 40 820 -
Abdomen - anterior abdominal wall (female) 20 410 -
Abdomen - anterior abdominal wall (male) 25 480 -
Abdomen - side surfaces (female) 25 480 -
Abdomen - side surfaces (male) 30 580 -
Buttocks (female) 40 700 -
Buttosks (male) 40 810 -
Front side of hips (female) 15 340 -
Front side of hips (male) 15 410 -
Inner side of hips (female) 20 290 -
Inner side of hips (male) 25 330 -
Back side of hips (female) 10 360 -
Back side of hips (male) 15 420 -
Hips fully (female) 40 820 -
Hips fully (male) 45 900 -
Shins (female) 30 470 -
Shins (male) 30 550 -
Legs (female) 60 1200 -
Legs (male) 65 1320 -
Hips + buttocks (female) 55 1100 900
Hips + buttocks (male) 60 1300 -
Hips + buttocks + abdomen (female) 80 1300 1100
Hips + buttocks + abdomen (male) 90 1600 -
Abdomen + waist (female) 45 850 -
Abdomen + waist (male) 50 1100 -
Body correction after surgical liposuction (female/male) 60 2000 -
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