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Facial massage

Facial massage in clinic «Aura»

Undoubtedly, the arsenal of basic cosmetic procedures must involve a facial massage. Facial massage - is a gentle impact on the skin, blood vessels and facial muscles using special techniques performed by hand. It effectively helps to maintain skin in good shape. Facial massage is a great way to prevent wrinkles. The procedure begins with a cleansing massage of the face and neck patient. Massage begins with a light caressing movement, after which the rhythm of the impact increases and then gradually slowing down, committed soothing, stroking movement.

In clinic «Aura» our cosmetologists offer to you different types of facial massage:

  • cosmetic
  • plastic
  • by Jacquet

Cosmetic massage

This technique of massage consists of rubbing and stroking movements, at the same time necessarily apply cream or massage oil. This type of massage not only improves the complexion and improves metabolism, but also returns a tone and elasticity of aging, dehydrated skin.


  • fading skin
  • dehydrated skin

Duration of massage: 40 minutes

Cost of massage: 140 UAH

Plastic massage

Facial massage
in the clinic «Aura»

This technique of massage consists of a rhythmic, clamping movement of the massage lines, and the talcum powder is used. This type of massage not only raises the tone of the faded skin and improves the metabolism, but also helps eliminate age spots, facial puffiness and wrinkles on the face.


  • oil skin
  • pigmental spots
  • edema and mimic folds

Duration of massage: 40 min

Cost of massage: 140 UAH

Jacquet massage

This technique of massage consists of stroking, kneading movements, with pinching of the skin and movements that cause the vibration of the skin and muscles of the face, and the talcum powder is used. This type of massage not only raises the tone faded skin, but also eliminates the unevenness of the skin, helps with seborrhea, is effective in a thick epidermis.


  • various skin irregularities
  • seborrhea and thick epidermis

Duration of massage: 30 minutes

Cost: 120 UAH

Facial Massages

Name of procedure
Cost, (UAH)
In Jaquet (for oily, porous and problem skin) 30 min
Plastic massage (for fassing skin, face oval correction)
40 min
Classic massage (dry, dehydrated skin, correction of age related changes)
40 min
Chiromassage (Spanish massage)
40 min
Lymph drainage (to improve blood circulation) 40 min 230
Lifting (correction of the face, neck, décolletage) 40 min 250
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