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Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation — the latest non-invasive method of correcting age-related changes of the skin, wrinkles. The laser beam, affecting the skin, smoothes small and medium wrinkles, restores even and young face color, supple and smoothness of the skin. Markedly improves the oval face. Laser rejuvenation effectively suspends the aging of the skin.

In the clinic «Aura» the procedure of laser rejuvenation provided by diode laser «MeDioStar XT» (Germany).

The exact selection of the procedure parameters allows to work on specific doses on layers of the skin thereby achieving stimulation of growth factor of collagen. The laser beam passes through the surface layer of skin (epidermis) without interacting with it, has a stimulating effect on the processes of formation of collagen and elastin cells of the dermis. The skin becomes more elastic and smooth. This treatment effectively suspends the aging process facial and neck skin, chest, hands.

Advantages of laser rejuvenation methods

Laser rejuvenation provided by
doctor-cosmetologist of clinic «Aura» Litvinenko L.А.
  • Refers to the soft, gentle methods
  • Not traumatic, painless
  • Does not require much time
  • Has no side effects
  • Do not damage the skin and designed specifically for people with active lifestyle who have day painted by the minute
  • No rehabilitation period: right after the procedure, you can use cosmetics and return to you workplace, without fear that signs of medical intervention will be seen.
  • No age limit: you can resort to it even in 17-18 years, for example, to get rid of the effects of acne, and in 35-40 years rejuvenation of facial skin will allow you to maintain the necessary level of collagen
  • Can be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures: laser peeling, fractional photothermolysis , mesotherapy, elements of medical cosmetology with use of cosmetic lines, injections of botox, contour plastic and chemical peelings
  • Complex influence improved results of laser rejuvenation, and creates synergistic effect


  • Visible smoothing of wrinkles
  • A significant increase in skin hydration
  • Improving the tone and skin turgor
  • Reducing the depth of enlarged pores
  • Healthy shine and velvety of the skin
  • The effect is seen right after the procedure

Results of laser rejuvenation

Results of laser rejuvenation with diode laser 3 months after the treatment

Improvement of skin condition after 3 months of treatment

Smoothing after 6 treatments


Laser rejuvenation does not replace the laser smoothing wrinkles (Resurfacing), but sometimes it is recommended to save got result for a longer period.

The method of laser rejuvenation has a cumulative effect. Skin rejuvenation is gaining momentum to a maximum which is reached after about four-six months after course of procedures. The final effect can be compared with surgical lifting. Collagen synthesisis maximized in six months after the last treatment. The result holds for several years, thus there is no just a fixation to the state in which the patient came to the clinic, but due to the formation of new collagen the skin continues to rejuvenate.

Laser rejuvenation executes by course – 5 treatments in every 5 days (european recommendations) or according to individual program designed by doctor-dermatologist with taking into account features of patient's skin condition, lifestyle, combination with other methods.

Procedure of laser rejuvenation takes 30 - 40 minutes. For complete course is necessary 5 sessions with interval in 5 days.

Laser rejuvenation doesn't contradicts to other methods of aesthetic medicine and well combines with injections of botox, disport, contour plastic, peelings, surgeries.

Specialists of our clinic will help you to choose optimal for you combination from these methods, significantly increasing the effectiveness of each of them!

Laser Rejuvenation (Diode Laser)

Laser rejuvenation
Cost (UAH)
Face 450
Neck 350
Decollete 350
Face + neck + decollete 900
Hands 350

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