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Laser cosmetology - laser treatment of ACNE

Laser therapy acne conducts cosmetologist
clinic "Aura" Litvinenko L.A.

Acne is one of most common skin diseases. The appearance of acne often associated with puberty. Follicle blockage caused by increased production of sebum on the background of hormonal activity. Ingress of staphylococcus or streptococcus in such formation causes inflammation, which leads to acne and ulcers. People over 25 years old may also suffer from acne. It can be a consequence of the diseases of internal organs (endocrine system or gastrointestinal tract). Acne is the cause of constant discomfort, that significantly reduces the self-esteem of the patient, triggers the worrying, stress, depression.

Laser therapy of acne – is local non-ablative impact on acne lesions by high-energy laser flow.

The advantage of laser method of acne treatment is ability to work on problem skin locally, without affecting the surrounding tissue and without systemic effect on the body. Laser therapy of acne reduces sebum secretion in the skin, accelerates call regeneration, fights with pathogenic bacterial flora, and reduces inflammation, thereby eliminating the signs of acne.

Coming into contact with the skin, the laser creates a thermal effect (the patient may feel a slight tingling on the skin), further there is a partial destruction of the cells that line the ducts of the sebaceous gland (sebocytes). Such laser treatment reduces production of sebum, in parallel dying porphine-producing bacteria and fungus which cause local acne. This method locks the mechanism of the origin of acne.

Photodynamic effect of laser leads to the improvement of blood flow to center of an inflammation. In the zone acne, with a flow of blood lymphocyte come, that naturally suppress inflammation in the skin. Such process leads to resorption of redness after acne.

In the period of laser treatment course also effect of skin remodeling is achieved. There is a narrowing of skin pores, smoothing the skin surface, extends skin pigmentation, scars are eliminated and there is prevention of their formation. The skin gets steady and healthy color.

Effectiveness of laser therapy is based on the fact that by means of a laser targeting bacteria are destroyed in the upper and deeper layers of the skin, reduced sebaceous glands, removed skin irritation and complete recovery of the dermis occurs.

The necessary course of laser treatment of acne doctor-dermatologist is chosen individually for each patient. On average, the rate of laser treatment is one - two times for one - two weeks. There is need five - eight sessions in total, depending on the level of acne severity. The duration of the procedure is about 20-30 minutes. In one-two sessions patient can see significant (visible) improvement. Often it is possible to combine acne treatment on the face and other parts of the body (for example spine).  In severe forms of acne in order to achieve stable results is necessary comprehensive treatment of acne.

It is necessarily to combine laser therapy with next treatments:

  1. Cleaning of face and those body areas which need it.
  2. Peeling for problem skin.
  3. Various care procedures.

Absolute contraindications to laser therapy of acne

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Diabetes (insulin-dependent type).
  3. Cancer of the skin.

Relative contraindications to laser therapy of acne

  1. Taking the photosensitizing drugs.
  2. Acute forms of herpes.
  3. Fresh sun tan.

Possible side effects after laser therapy:

  1. Some patients feel painful sensations during a procedure
  2. Most patients have some redness and peeling of the skin.
  3. The treatment can cause skin darkening and (or) folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles), that demands to exclude staying under sunlight during 30 hours after the treatment in order to minimize such effect.

Recommendations for preparation to laser treatment:

  1. Do not take sun bath in five days to laser treatment.
  2. To limit the visit bath, sauna, water pool during three days before the procedure.

Before and after the procedure use the cream with protection factor no lower than 35 SPF.

Laser therapy of acne

The scope of the impact Time (min) Cost (UAH)
Face 30 400
Decollete 45 400
Buttocks 30 400
Spin 30 500
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