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Contour Plastic

Contour plastic — subcutaneous injections of gel – effective procedure to correct cosmetic defects, as age-related (wrinkles, nasolabial folds) as well as appeared as a result of trauma (scars, folds). Unlike plastic surgery, this procedure is fast and almost painless. The method of contour plastic allows to correct the natural facial imperfections, to increase the volume and to model the shape of the lips, chin, cheeks, cheekbones, as well as to fight with wrinkles on the neck, décolleté and other aesthetic problems.

In our clinic we recommend to our patients the contour plastic using the safest gels based on hyaluronic acid – a natural component of human skin, which provides its moisturizing. This type medications are absolutely harmless, hypoallergenic, have ease introduction, not migrate under the skin. Over time hyaluronic acid is metabolized in the body, forming carbon dioxide and water.

Gel introduced within 20-30 minutes using local anesthesia – a cream or conduction anesthesia. The effect is visible immediately and will persist from 6 to 12 month depending of the medication and type of correction. Contour gel plastic with hyaluronic acid is indicated in any age, can be used in complex with other rejuvenation procedures.

Procedure of contour plastic in the clinic of beauty “Aura” is carried only by high qualified doctors-cosmetologists using certified in Ukraine gels of trade marks Surgiderm, Juvederm, Stylage Teosyal.

Surgiderm (France) – an unique medication of the last generation, which provides long-term effect due to special processing technology of hyaluronic acid. The medication based on a patented method of cross-linking between molecules and known as the “technology of 3D matrix hyaluronic acid”.

The series Juvederm Ultra (France) consists of various drugs. All medications of this series contain lidocaine in their composition that provides absolutely painless procedure.

Juvederm Ultra 2 — is introduced into surface skin layers to remove small wrinkles in the area of mouth, forehead and outer corners of the eye.

Juvederm Ultra 3 — injections of this medication introduced into upper and middle layers of the skin to delineate contour of the lips and smoothing wrinkles on the forehead and in the malar area.

Juvederm Ultra 4 — designed for medium and deep skin layers, helps to eliminate severe nasolabial folds, to correct face oval and increase the lips volume.

Juvederm Ultra Smile — fully focused on the mouth area: increases lips volume, delineates its contour, corrects nearby wrinkles and lip corners.

Series Stylage (France) represented by following species of fillers:

  • Stylage S – least dense gel, designed to remove small wrinkles
  • Stylage M – some denser than S, designed to remove medium depth wrinkles
  • Stylage L – even more dense version, aimed at the elimination of deep wrinkles and folds

Series Teosyal (Sweden) consists of various drugs. Each of them designed for elimination certain problems: from small wrinkles around the eyes to deep nasolabial folds.

Teosyal Kiss – will gently accentuate the lips contour and adds volume to the lips, making them more tempting.

Teosyal First Lines – this filler — lightest of all line. Mostly it used for the fight against small superficial wrinkles.

Teosyal Touch Up – more viscous medication, designed to work with wrinkles and folds of the medium depth, that are commonly found on the nose or cheeks. In used for supporting treatments after any another medication of this series.

Teosyal Deep Lines – this gel is denser than previous one. With its help cosmetologists eliminate expressed nasolabial folds, vertical wrinkles in the lips area and other problems of this kind.


  • pregnancy and lactation
  • correction with using filler of synthetic origin before this procedure
  • allergy to components of medication
  • tendency to keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • bacterial, viral, fungal skin diseases
  • immune and infectious diseases
  • diabetics
  • hemophilia

Additional information for patients

There were no observed complications after introduction medications Juvederm, Surgidern and their analogues. Short-term redness and swelling with minor soreness in the injection zone is possible. These effects pass themselves in 1-2 days after the treatment on the face and within one week after lips correction.

Persistent side effects of a similar nature occurring in 0,02% also spontaneously disappear after 2-4 weeks, their degree varies from mild to moderate. To receiving high effectiveness of the gel penetration the procedure is advisable to do after the BOTOX and peeling.

Entrust your face to doctors of clinic “aura” and result will exceed your expectations!

Contour Plastic Of The Face

Time (min.) Cost (UAH)  Special price (UAH) 
Teosyal Kiss (1 ml) 60 8450
Teosyal Kiss (1 ml) with lidocaine 60 8950
Teosyal Toush Up (0,5 ml) 60 4500
Teosyal Ultra Deep (1 ml) 60 8450
Teosyal Deep Line (1 ml) 60 8100
Teosyal Fast Lines (0,7 ml) 60 5250
Stylage S (1 ml) 60 4750
Stylage М (1 ml) 60 7100
Stylage L (1 ml) 60 7450
Juvederm 2 (0,55 ml) 60 3100 2400
Juvederm 3 (1 ml) 60 6000 4950
Juvederm 4 (1 ml) 60 6500 5300
Juvederm ULTRA SMILE (0,55 ml) 60 4000
Juvederm Voluma (1 ml) 60 7000
Juvederm Volift (1 ml) 60 7900
Juvederm Volbella (1 ml) 60 7900
Zfill Deep (1 ml) 60 4100
Zfill Countur (1 ml) 60 4100
Xela (0,8 ml) 60 4800
Surgiderm 18 XP (0,8 ml) 60 2800
Surgiderm 24 XP (0,8 ml) 60 3600
Surgiderm 30 XP(0,8 ml) 60 4000
Surgiderm 30 (0,8 ml) 60 4000
Regenyal Idea (1 ml) 60 4500
Regenyal Idea BIO-EXPANDER (1,1 ml)  60 4100
Hyaluronica 1 (1 ml) 60 4100
Hyaluronica 2 (1 ml) 60 4400
Princess Filler (1 ml) (Austria) 60 5400 4400
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