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Injections of Botox

Medication BOTOX

Do you have a distinct facial wrinkles? The skin around the mouth and eyes become flabby and saggy? Tortured so-called crow's feet? Do not know what to do? There is a solution! Cosmetologists of centre "Aura" using injections of drug "BOTOX" (the company Allergan, USA) will help you get rid of the bothered wrinkles which make your face older.

Our choice of this particular medicinal product is stipulated the fact that:

1. «BOTOX» - the product of highest degree cleaning from protein-containing components, that unlike the other analogs, guarantees absence of complications as allergic reactions.

2. The high selective accuracy of the target impact of the medication on the selected area guarantees the expected result.

3. The experience of more than 50 years application of the preparation in the world cosmetology market.

Injections "BOTOX" in cosmetology allow:

  • to get rid of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • to get rid of vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • to lower turned-up eyebrows
  • to get rid of oblique wrinkles on the sides of the bridge of the nose, and the nasal arch (wrinkles of anger)
  • get rid of "crow's feet" at the outer corner of eye
  • to get rid of vertical wrinkles above and below the lips
  • to smooth vertical and horizontal neck wrinkles
  • to get rid of sweating palms, armpits and feet

How «BOTOX» works

The main concept of the neurotoxin during injection "Botox" is that the drug hitting on a muscle fiber, blocks the transmission of motor impulse from nerve. Thus, the injection of "BOTOX" causes relaxation of facial muscles, smoothing out wrinkles. At the same time the drug does not cause muscle atrophy, because blood flow to the muscles after the injection is not violated.

The action of "BOTOX" after the procedure may be as pronounced (effect appears after five days) and prolonged - the effect appears in three or four weeks. In this case the injection "BOTOX" is equally effective both the treatment of any cosmetic defects such as facial wrinkles and the treatment of excessive sweating.

Medication "BOTOX" is introduced by delicate needles in an area of face which is most susceptible to wrinkles. Such places are usually the vertical lines on the nose, the frontal muscle (the most active muscles of the face), and the area around the eyes, where localized "crow's feet."

Patient before the injection of BOTOX and patient after the injection of BOTOX

Patient before the injection of BOTOX and patient after the injection of BOTOX

Contraindications for injection of "BOTOX"

  • Myasthenia
  • Coagulation failure
  • Presence of inflammatory and infectious processes in the areas of supposed injection
  • Aggravation of common diseases
  • Taking antibiotics, anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, relanium, baclofen no later than 2 weeks before the procedure
  • Lung problems
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Age under 18 years
  • Mensis (women)

Each of these contraindications may adversely affect the procedure of "BOTOX" in general. So you need closely monitor the contraindications.

BOTOX» in combination with other medicines

We are often asked the question: "Can I combine the" BOTOX "with other drugs to remove wrinkles?". Cosmetologists of the centre "Aura" unanimously answer: "You can and should!" For example, an injection "BOTOX" can be combined with injections of hyaluronic acid.

Please note that the peeling and lifting you can do only after 3 weeks after the "BOTOX." If peeling has already been made, the procedure of "Botox" should be postponed and wait for the full restoration of the skin after peeling. Combined with a procedure called "Botox" can also photorejuvenation, but you need to know that after a photorejuvenation neurotoxin withdrawals from the skin  much faster, so the effect of the injection "Botox" will be shorter.

If you are interested in the procedure "BOTOX", you can sign for consultation to one of our cosmetologists called by phones: +38(044)361-0747 and 52-44-100.

Injection BOTOX

Number of units
Price (UAH)
Horizontal forehead wrinkles (female) 20 2000
Between eyebrows (female) 15 1500
Periorbital zone (crow's feet) (female) 15 1500
Horizontal forehead wrinkles (male) 30 3000
Between eyebrows (male) 20 2000
Periorbital zone (crow's feet) (male) 20 2000
Hyperhidrosis treatment (female/male) 70 7000
One unit of BOTOX
1 100
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