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Laser peeling Fraxel

Cosmetological erbium laser
MCL- 30 Dermablate (Germany)

We present to you a revolutionary technology with which you will look 20 years younger without plastic surgery! In the clinic "Aura" is used the famous German erbium laser Asclepion MCL - 30 Dermablate. On this laser the latest generation our physicians execute fractional photothermolysis - the latest procedure and thus a significant sparing of rejuvenation. It requires almost no recovery and gives excellent results. You can look younger without changing the rhythm of life. In addition, this laser can in safe mode make classic polishing of face to remove neoplasms and modify various types of scars.

Fractional laser skin polishing - is:

    • exact dosing of impact energy
    • precise control of energy in space and time
    • heating only those structures that are required (selective photothermolysis)
    • bactericidal and immunomodulating properties of the laser beam
  • transport system for large biomolecules of cosmetics  SYSTEM nanogreen  PROFI®

The unique technology of fractional photothermolysis (facial polishing) - A new era in non-surgical rejuvenation of face and body.

During the procedure, thin laser beam creates a multitude of microscopic invisible to the eye zones of removing the old skin.

The body immediately begins to produce new cells, collagen and elastin, and in the impact zone is formed young skin.

The most powerful effect of renewal, rejuvenation and tightening can be seen immediately after the first treatment!

If your friend comes young, refreshed, happy and prettier - she did Fractional laser photothermolysis!

After 2-3 sessions on the laser Dermablate MCL-30 of the company Asclepion Laser Technologies (Germany) faded and sagging skin is completely replaced by the new: a young, smooth and without any defect.

Reasons why the we propose to go through this procedure exactly in the clinic "Aura":

  • Course of fractional photothermolysis (face polishing) — allows for 1-3 sessions completely renew the derma, to increase its collagen-elastin carcass. Result: you look on 10-20 years younger because skin structure changes, skin color becomes homogeneous and relief becomes a smooth. And all this without surgery and long reabilitation!
  • The widest range of applications. Eyes - the mirror of our youth and beauty, but the skin of eyelids is too delicate for age rejuvenation procedures. Dermablate MCL- 30 can be used on such areas of skin as superior eyelid (and also back of the hand, breast, inner side of hips).
  • Qualified staff - The procedure is carried with certified dermatologists.
  • Reasonable price. Despite the exclusivity of technology and the demand for this procedure, it is quite affordable. Do not believe? Welcome to the section PRICES.

Video of the procedure of laser resurfacing

Unique feature of the erbium laser Dermablate MCL-30

Laser MCL-30 - the latest version from family of erbium lasers «Dermablate» of company Asclepion Laser Technologies, designed for:

Cosmetological erbium laser
MCL- 30 Dermablate (Germany)
  • deep and superficial laser skin polishing, including - the eyelids, upper lip, neck and décolleté
  • laser rejuvenation of skin of the face, neck and zone of décolleté by method of fractional ablative photothermolysis
  • removal and correction of hypertrophic, atrophic and post-acne scarring
  • removal of pigmental spots
  • removal of benign skin tumors as nevi, warts, papillomas, etc.
Advantages of the procedure "laser polishing the face" on the laser Dermablate MCL-30
  • Procedure is painless, requires little or no anesthesia!
  • Fast recovery after the procedure (1-2 days)!
  • No risk of infection!
  • table effect after therapy!
  • Ability to use on all skin types!
  • Ability to use on sensitive areas of the body!
  • Stable result on the rejuvenation of 10-20 years for 1-3 procedures!

Contraindications to procedure

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the proposed treatment
  • Chemical peeling and such procedures, carried out less than 2 weeks before treatment
  • Psoriasis
  • Atopic dermatitis in the acute stage

Recommendations before procedure

  • 3 days before the procedure is recommended to start taking antiviral drugs against herpes
  • Always consult with your doctor about medications

Recommendations after procedure

  • Within two to three days after laser treatment may be a slight redness, slight swelling. The skin acquires a bronze color, the face looks refreshed, tanned. This effect can be observed within 7-10 days. Scaling, which can be observed within a week, eliminated by the lungs scrubs. The day after procedure can be applied makeup.
  • Between treatments, as well as after treatment for a month should be abstain from active tanning and necessary to apply sunscreen (with a protection factor not less than 30). With the appearance of dryness of the skin should be apply a light moisturizer. Do not use heavy oil-based ointment, because they can close the skin pores. At least a week after the procedure, you should not use harsh scrubs. Necessarily consult with your doctor before taking new medications.
  • Next day after procedure you can apply makeup.

Technology description

Fractional photothermolysis (laser polishing the face), this new method of treating the effects of photoaging, which is in the process of action creates microscopic zones (areas) of coagulated tissue. These sites heal in a few weeks, but the appearance of the skin does not change. Purpose of this method of skin treatment is not a global effect on the target tissue or specifically to the dermis, but rather the damage (injury) a very small proportion of the treated skin and coagulate tissue columns in diameter from 70 to 100 microns that pass through the epidermis and deeper reaching the dermis (in a checkerboard pattern).

The procedure Fraxel Asclepion - controlled, safe and effective way to rejuvenate and skin cleansing does not require a long recovery period.

Even though the coagulation of the epidermis in these micro-thermal zones, it is not damaged, and does not remain an open wound. A considerable amount of normal skin surrounding the micro thermal zone is an ample source of cells needed for healing.Within a few weeks after the treatment is the process of displacement of coagulated tissue and its replacement of new healed tissue. Since this process is not visible to the naked eye, the patient is not disturbed his daily activity.Along the way with multi-processing (four-time treatment with an interval of 2 weeks), phased method is replacing most of the treated skin surface. Each procedure of this laser significantly soften wrinkles, scars, removes age spots and vascular lesions (disorders).

Fractional technology - this is really a fundamentally new method for effective impact on the tissue not forming an open wound and requires no recovery time. It is characterized by the predictability of results, the possibility of removing pigmented lesions, such as solar lentiginosis, smoothing wrinkles.It also promotes tissue reconstruction (synthesis collagen), and in all these cases do not need time to recover. In general, it is safe and the preferred drug for treatment of photodamaged skin.

Use a laser rejuvenation, and odes to your blooming view will not keep you waiting!

Fractional Rejuvenation

Type of procedure Time, min. Cost, UAH.
Face 90 2400
Neck 60 1400
Decollete 60 1700
Face + Neck 90 2600
Neck + Decollete 90 2400
Face + Neck + Decollete 120 3600
Hands 60 1500
Eye zone 40 1100
Any zone for 1 cm2 15 100
Any zone from 10 cm2 to 30 cm2 20 800
Any zone from 30 cm2 to 60 cm2 40 1200
Any zone from 60 cm2 to 100 cm2 60 1800
Any zone from 100 cm2 to 200 cm2 80 2400
Any zone from 200 cm2 to 500 cm2 100 3000
Any zone from 500 cm2 to 1000 cm2 120 4000
Laser removal of scars
Any zone for 1 cm2 15 100
Any zone from 10 cm2 to 30 cm2 20 800
Any zone from 30 cm2 to 60 cm2 40 1200
Any zone from 60 cm2 to 100 cm2 60 1800
Any zone from 100 cm2 to 200 cm2 80 2400
Any zone from 200 cm2 to 500 cm2 100 3000
Any zone from 500 cm2 to 1000 cm2 120 4000
Laser removal of strech marks (striae)
Any zone for 1 cm2 15 100
Any zone from 10 cm2 to 30cm2 20 800
Any zone from 30 cm2 to 60 cm2 40 1200
Any zone from 60 cm2 to 100 cm2 60 1800
Any zone from 100 cm2 to 200 cm2 80 2400
Any zone from 200 cm2 to 500 cm2 100 3000
Any zone from 500 cm2 to 1000 cm2 120 4000
Laser lifting of strech marks for 20 cm2 30 1200
Laser resurfacing postacne
Laser resurfacing for 1 cm2 10 100
Face 120 2600
Back 120 3500
One zone (cheek/chin/forehead) 60 1000
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