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Erbium laser Dermablate MCL- 30 (Germany)

MCL-30 Dermablate

MCL-30 Dermablate - latest version from family of erbium lasers «Dermablate» by company Asclepion Laser Technologies, designed for:

  • deep and superficial skin dermabrasion including eyelid area, upper lip, neck and décolleté
  • laser rejuvenation of skin of face, neck and décolleté area by method of fractional ablative photo thermolysis
  • correction of hypertrophic, atrophic, and postacne scarry changes
  • pigment spots removal
  • removal of skin benign tumors, like nevus, warts, papillomas, etc.

Effectiveness and safety:

  • Dermablate MCL-30 generates radiation with wave length of 2,94 mcm, that corresponded to maximum of water absorption, perfectly suited to precision removal of superficial skin layers with minimal thermal damages
  • Two heads "VarioSpot" and "MicroSpot Superfractional Extension Set" give to doctor the possibility of choice of ablative and non ablative methods of rejuvenation
  • Apparatus allows to work on clean surgical site due to built-in into head «VarioSpot», waste disposal system of ablation - «SAFE» and extra regime of hemostasis available in action period
  • Laser equipped with filter system (two main, one introductory) preventing air pollution in time of treatment
  • Changing roller position on the head “VarioSpot” is possible easy change size of laser ray from 1 to 6 mm on stream, in the same time occurs automatically discernment of spot size and tuning of necessary energy level occurs. Sizes conformity of pilot and durgical rays provides extra visual control of treatment zone
  • Developed and installed into laser method of Fractional Photo thermolysis allows to make non ablative rejuvenation with short term of rehabilitation
  • Patented «TEAM» applicator construction permits effectively removal of ablation production from the ray
  • Special program «TERM» permits operatively move into hemostasis mode from ablation mode directly in the action period


  • Fast, during few seconds, preparation laser to work
  • Active colored LCD with regulated brightness
  • Recording often used modes in apparatus memory
  • Visual control on display of operational characteristics
  • Intensity of ablation production evacuation regulates with steering lever on control panel
  • Microprocessor-based control system of output energy with self-calibration automatically compensates effect of lamp aging and possible violations of control of optic and electronic components
  • Process of automatic self-test right after switching on apparatus allows to make inner calibration of laser security system
  • Device can be easy moved thanks to construction on rollers

Procedure of laser smoothing in clinic “Aura”
provided by doctor Batalova Marina Grigorievna

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