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Diode laser for epilation «MeDioStar ХТ» (Germany)

Diode laser
«MeDioStar XT»

In the clinic of modern cosmetology “Aura” we use innovative developments in the sphere of laser technologies – diode laser MeDioStar by company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany), which has perfect reputation and over 30 years produces reliable cosmetic, surgical, dental and other laser systems. Using equipment Asclepion Laser Technologies of new generation we offer to our patients fundamentally new technologies of laser correction of aesthetic problems – safe and effective. Unique laser procedures are not aggressive, they allow to impact practically onto any skin area, can be used for all skin types, guarantee long-term result. Diode laser «MeDioStar» is recognized synonym of painless and safe epilation and delicate treatment of vessels.

Effectiveness and Safety

  • High energy and work length of laser wave (810 nm) allow selectively effect even on most deep bio targets, located in skin, while other skin structures are still unaffected.
  • The power of laser emitter provides high speed of treatment due to high pulse repetition frequency and big size of spot with given energy density.
  • Built-in cooling system of patient’s skin “Peltier” with technology of double pulse in the time of procedure unloads thermal impact on the skin and guarantee comfort and safety of treatment.
  • Possibility of length pulse regulation from 5-500 ms allows to make epilation on dark and tanned skin without side effects.

Head with cooling system of diode laser «MeDioStar XT»


  • In laser «MeDioStar» is available choise of effect on patient’s skin with single or double pulse.
  • Patented design of laser head consists of 5900 fibres, providing light from laser diode to bio tissue. Five heads of different sizes (4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm) provide evenness of energy distribution into medical spot and contact method of impact, that eliminates power waste and raises quality of providing treatments.

Advantages of this laser over analogous

Procedure on diode laser
«MeDioStar XT»
  • Due to special built-in anaesthetic heads laser epilation on laser «MeDioStar» turns into fast and painless procedure, that gives guaranteed effect of complete hair absence on treated areas.
  • Laser epilation on laser «MeDioStar» considered delicate, because of laser «MeDioStar» equipped with special device of thermal impact unloading on patient’s skin and with it has broadened range of pulse rate and big size of work spot.
  • Built-in cooling system of sensitive patient’s skin, special technology of double pulse, unique design of optical fibred head of device, which evenly provides and distributes laser energy into bio tissues on necessary depth, makes procedures on this laser qualitative, painless and effective.
Using diode laser «MeDioStar» in our clinic we don’t promise,
but guarantee result to you!
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