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Laser cosmetology
Removal of tumors
Injection techniques
Facial cosmetology
Body cosmetology

Our equipment

Our doctors use most modern technology and equipment that allows to solve majority of aesthetic problems (undesirable hair, extra weight, cellulit, age changes, skin problems, etc.) without plastic surgery.

We successfuly use complex programs of laser epilation, programs of weight correction and cellulite treatment.

Diode laser for hair removal
In the clinic of modern cosmetology «Aura» for carrying out the procedures we apply innovative development in the sphere of laser technologies - a diode laser «Медиостар (MeDioStar)» the company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany), which has a stainless reputation and more than 30 years produces reliable cosmetology, surgery, ophthalmologic, stomatological and other laser systems. Using the equipment of Asclepion Laser Technologies of the new generation, we offer our patients a fundamentally new technologies of laser correction of aesthetic problems is safe and effective.
Erbium laser
MCL-30 Dermablate and the latest version of one of the emanated by erbium lasers «Dermablate» the company Asclepion Laser Technologies - is intended for conducting the procedure of the treatment of cellulite and non-surgical liposuction. Dermablate MCL-30 generates radiation with the wave length of 2,94 micron, corresponding to the maximum of absorption of water, ideally suited for precision removal of surface layers of skin with minimal heat damage. Two heads "VarioSpot" and "MicroSpot Superfractional Extension Set" give to doctor the possibility of choice of ablative and non ablative methods of rejuvenation
Equipment for the treatment of cellulite
«VelaShape» is a combination of bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF), infrared power, negative pulse pressure and mechanical impact on the fabric. The successful combination of infrared and accompanying RF energy increases intercellular the diffusion of oxygen by heating of the skin. Vacuum and specially designed rollers stretches and smooth the skin to ensure the safety and efficiency of power distribution. Ultimately increases the metabolism of energy reserves (lipolysis), increases lymphatic drainage and reduced the number or size of the fat of the treated area.

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