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Gift certificate

What to present for relatives and beloved ones?

And of course it should be not just a banal set of makeup or shaving supplies, but something is special, original, and, most importantly, is necessary! Clinic "Aura" has the solution of this issue - give health and beauty for your friends and family! Give them an exclusive and unforgettable gift - a gift certificate of the clinic "Aura"!

Benefits from gaining

  • Gift certificate buyer successfully solves gift problem and gives something, that will be appreciated!
  • The one, who received gift certificate as present, is free to choice desirable services in convenient time, it is comfortable and it is will not stay unclaimed without doubts!
  • Clinic «Aura» has possibility to be liked by costumer, and it means that we will try to give such a good service to costumer will stay our admirer!
We offer gift certificates in denominations of 75, 250, 500, 1500 UAH

Terms of gift certificate activity!

  • Service provided only by certificate presentation.
  • Certificate gives permission on service and/or purchase cosmetic production on sum equivalent to certificate nominal.
  • In case if certificate has been showed for service payment or cosmetic production on sum less than  certificate nominal – difference is not indemnify.
  • In case if certificate has been showed for service payment or cosmetic production on sum more than certificate nominal – difference will be paid by bearer.
  • Gift certificate cannot be returned or exchanged on money equivalent.
  • In order to use certificate you need call us beforehand and make an appointment on convenient time for you.
  • The term of validity of gift certificate from the day of gaining is 3 months.
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