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Laser cosmetology
Removal of tumors
Injection techniques
Facial cosmetology
Body cosmetology

The structure and growth of the hair follicle

The hair follicle (lat. follikulus pili, also hair bulb) - the root of the hair with the root sheath surrounding it. To follicle attached sebaceous glands, and sometimes sweat glands.


Procedure of laser epilation

Procedure of laser epilation is that the hair removal occurs through the selective action of laser energy to the hair follicle pigment (melanin). Due to this occurs the damage of follicle bulb, which leads to the cessation of hair growth.

The number of procedures is individual and depends on the type and intensity of hair growth, skin phototype, epilation area and the expected patient results (often allowed a certain amount of residual thin hair).


Recommendations for laser epilation

The advantage of laser epilation — in the rapid achievement of excellent results. During the course laser epilation of undesirable hair can be removed for a long time. It is important to follow the recommendations before and after the procedures!

Preparing for laser epilation: Do not use antibiotics for 2 weeks before the procedure, avoid direct sunlight during seven days before the procedure!


Photorejuvenation and photoepilation (photo epilation)

Photorejuvenation and photoepilation (photo epilation) - methods actually allows radically solve the problem of unwanted body hair for a long time or forever. In the world this technology exists and has been used successfully in practice for over 20 years. However, around the laser epilation, there are several myths that distort the idea of it and its possibilities.


Laser rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation - it's method of skin rejuvenation and recovery with the help of an intense laser exposure. The main causes of appearance deterioration or skin «fading» is a drop in functional activity of connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) and a decrease of compactness and thickness of collagen fibers at the level of the papillary skin layer.

Procedure effectively suspends the aging process on face, neck, chest and hands.


Mimic wrinkles

Methods of correction of involutional changes in skin, hyper fine lines and static wrinkles as well as excess skin and changes its texture is widely used around the world, with many clinical questions still have not found a final decision. Quite often wrinkles are formed at a young age and are a consequence of emotional stress and genetic predisposition. The nature of these phenomena is predetermined in the prepubertal period and fixed unconsciously into adulthood.


Contour plastic, Perlane and Restylane

Restylane, Perlane - are gels based on hyaluronic acid - the most safe, resorbable implants, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid origin. "Stabilize" - it means a lengthy cosmetic effect, with nutrients, oxygen, hormones freely migrate between the fragments of the gel without disrupting normal functioning of the skin.



Mesotherapy – a technique of introducing a special cocktail (set of different products, depending on the problem the patient) under the skin with microscopic doses, very thin and short needles, superficially (to a depth of 0.5 to 6mm). Mesotherapy can deliver the necessary vitamins, nucleic acids and amino acids, minerals directly into the dermis (middle layer of skin), which can not penetrate into the funds applied to the skin.


Man in the beauty salon

Quite recently Ukrainian men hesitated to speak out loud about what they are, for example, were on a pedicure or wrap. On the proposal wrapping aesthetics could easily hear from his client: «Do I look like on the gay?» Not so long ago the word «metrosexual» idered abusive and meant almost a homosexual. But now open men's beauty salons, arise procedures for men. A growing number of heterosexual men control their health and appearance!


Glycolic Peels

Glycolic Peel - a kind of superficial peeling. It is recommended when there are fine wrinkles, when the skin has a gray lifeless color, when there are slight imperfections that arose after the acne, all sorts of roughnesses and bumpy. Superficial peeling carried out with a weak solution of glycolic acid. This peeling is seriously described above. First, as a rule two-week treatment is preceded by peeling the face at home with a weak solution of glycolic acid.


Mesotherapy against cellulite

Mesotherapy – a technique correcting cosmetic defects of the skin, facial and body treatments widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The procedure stimulates the decay of body fat, metabolic processes in cells, the excretion of excess liquid through the action introduced into the skin medicinal substances and vitamins. Due to mechanical impact konoglomeraty destroyed fat cells in problem areas (cellulite), the skin surface is leveled.


Cosmetology for men

Men and cosmetics, a man in a beauty salon, a man in a plastic surgery clinic – what is it? Tribute to fashion or still a necessity, the requirement of our uncompromising and hard times? Anyway, according to employees of cosmetic salons and clinics, the number of men – their customers, is growing steadily. In view of prevailing philistine opinion, men have no place in a beauty salon, so the representatives of the strong half of mankind do not advertise these visits.


Correction of the Lip

Perfect, sexy lips form today especially in fashion. No need to talk that it helps girls and women to feel confident in a different situations. Usually it achieved by using a contour lipstick and a pencil. But there are situations where the usual make-up brings us - in the hot season, in rain and snow, on the beach. Then on helping women of the third millennium comes cosmetic tattoo or permanent makeup.


Injections of beauty

«Injections of beauty» allow to stay young longer. Ten minutes (approximately the needed for multiple injections of Botox) - and stubborn wrinkles as did not happen! Of course, they disappear not immediately but within a few days, but afterwards, you can forget about them for 3-4 months. Botox - a purified botulinum toxin, which in low doses relaxes the facial muscles. It is their excessive mobility provokes the formation of facial wrinkles. This is a natural process ...


Beware of imitations!

Beauty injections can be fake! A team of U.S. medics warns all patients – recently appeared on the market fake tools for injections of beauty. Cosmetologists were united in a kind of a support group carrying out of procedures like Botox injections and the introduction of Restylane in specialized clinics, where patients will be provided true guarantee.


Restylane – an injection of youth

Restylane – an injection of youth. If you are hesitant whether to inject Restylane, American scientists have already hastened to dispel your doubts. According to them, such a popular means of combating wrinkles helps the skin regenerate its important for young collagen.

Scientists carried out a study the properties of Restylane and eventually discovered that the drug has such a pleasant and useful feature, as the ability to give new life to fibroblasts - skin cells that can produce collagen.


Magic D'Arsonval

Surely the French biophysicist Arsene D'Arsonval, who studied the effects of AC processes on biological objects, had no idea that his invention would be used in cosmetology. The unit is named after its inventor d'Arsonval, and methods of electrical effects on human — darsonvalization. Widely used in medicine it found its niche in cosmetology.


The fight against wrinkles. Injections of Botox

The first wrinkles start to appear on the face of twenty-five - thirty years. Deal with them fairly easily, given the advances in modern medicine, but the older the person becomes, the more he has more wrinkles appear. If men almost not bothers about it, the woman’s reacts to changes in the skin of her face is quite painful. Fortunately leading specialists of cosmetic are trying to solve this problem companies not the first decade.


Correction of age-related changes in face

Photorejuvenation - is method of correction of age-related changes in face, which based on influence of luminous flux on all skin levels. It can precede or supplement with surgical face correction. If woman of 40-45 years has not big sights of fading, it is better to use unabilate methods of rejuvenation. The most perspective of them is photorejuvenation. It is absolutely unique sue generis method of fight with aging skin. The positive effect observes already after 3-4 treatments!


Men and cosmetology

Of course, it is women who form the main contingent of visitors of beauty salons and clinics of plastic surgery. However, in recent years men began to pay attention to look younger and more toned. Cosmetology ceases to be a destiny of women only, men are no longer feel shy to seek for help in the fight against wrinkles and signs of skin aging. Competition in the labor market is growing, so men are compelled to appeal to cosmetologists, so as not to lose in comparison to younger and tightened competitors.


Obesity: What to do?

Obesity – a serious problem. And not just cosmetic. Being slim is pleasant, because it is beautiful (though there may be differing opinions), but it is important to normalize the weight not only for the sake of psychological comfort. The accumulation of excess fat in the body of itself can worsen your health: it can cause shortness of breath and palpitations, especially under load, fatigue and drowsiness, a tendency to pustular skin lesions, impaired sexual function. Imagine that a person with normal weight loaded 20 or even 40-kilograms bag, which he must bear all the time?


Myths and truth about procedure FRAXEL

The procedure Fraxel is based on the principle of fractional photothermolysis …. Agree that this definition is not widely understood, and perhaps that is why it guards and gives rise to misconceptions about it. What to do if to try an innovative method of rejuvenation is still desirable. Professionals dispel myths!


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